Liverpool Revisited!

Five years ago, I wrote a collection of short stories based in and around Liverpool. To commemorate the launch of the book I decided to revisit it and just tidy a few bits and bobs up and so on. To say that this was an optimistic undertaking would be an understatement. What is left is a completely different book with lots of new material, twists and changes to some of the stories that meant that once I stood back and looked at it, then “Liverpool Revisited” is a completely different book to “Liverpool”. Without any further to-do, here then is the original description of the book, which stands just as much as it did for the new book as it most definitely did for the old one.

“The Sound of Guitars…”
Liverpool. A city of poets, musicians, comedians and several banana shaped lamb statues. Oh, and a yellow submarine – and a cathedral (or two), and now a collection of fifteen short stories, tall tales and mysterious occurrences celebrating the city as well.
Wrapped around Liverpool in the same way that the river Mersey wraps around the city itself, intertwining with its people and places, “Liverpool” showcases the love of life, laughter and music that the city embodies, and makes its own. Come with me now to see the mist rolling off that wonderful, beautiful river, and if you were to let your mind wander and imagine that the river is a song then that song would be a shanty, sad and melancholic, yet lifting as well. It would make you laugh, it would make you cry. It may even make you think, but for sure it would most definitely break your heart.
Welcome to Liverpool, the gateway to absolutely everywhere else.



Merry Christmas!

Just a quick update to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! On my website,  I have added a link on the front page for a free PDF that will give you some indication of where my steampunk series is heading – it’s about ten pages or so and is a complete standalone story, so help yourselves! (As per usual I am not going to ask for your email address/income/blood group in exchange – click on the link and it opens in a new window. Save it for later or read it there.)  Enjoy!


New Website!

Dear God, I pity all of you web designers out there – I have just spent the five most torturous days of my life re-doing my website and it has driven me to hard drugs, drink, and petty cattle rustling* as a consequence. The address is the same – CLICK ME TO BE WITNESS TO MY GLORIOUS WONDER  so check it out – it’s pretty cool, and has a few new things in there that I am pretty excited about.

First of all, every book or series has its own page, and a few of the larger books have free three chapter PDF’s to download. (“Anyone” and “Overboard” are the two in question.) I don’t ask for your email address either. Or your blood group, favourite seventies band ** or preference of alcoholic beverage. It’s a good old fashioned, no obligation freebie.

I have also included for a lot of my books a “Behind the Scenes” section where I talk a little more about the book, inspiration for it and so on.I think it’s pretty neat so please check it out – any feedback is more than welcome! Follow the link above and enjoy!

*I may quite possibly have just made that up

** I am old. I admit it. I remember the doodlebugs like it was yesterday. ***

*** Google it.


Tales From Under The Lightning Tree!

Two new stories published today at a pretty good price, too! Details are as below:

Beneath the Eaves of the lightning tree sits Old Mother; waiting. When the cold ground thaws and brings the rain that sets the grasses hissing and the twisting shoots bursting from the earth still she sits and listens for each approaching dawn and the promise of fresh life and the children of the earth that it will bring.
As the ground grows warmer and the days longer she sits beneath the branches of the tree that shall always be hers she hides from the rays of the warming sun, dozing amongst the droning insects and the twittering birds that come to watch her; and they too wait.
As the leaves begin to fall and rustle and play at her feet she hardly seems to notice the wind tugging at her shawl at all. Nor does she pay heed when the birds begin to disappear and the creatures of the wood at the edge of which she sits begin to squirrel away their food, expecting any day now the cold winds to blow from the north.
When the snow falls and the air is crisp and still, the days short and the stars at night so bright still she sits in the moonlight, frozen crystals of ice and snow in her hair reflecting the light of the weak sun later after a thin dawn has broken, but the chill in the air has not. Still through cold day and colder night she watches, and waits for those that will come, they that take leave to ask things of her.

So it is with the Artisan Cook, who approaches Old Mother for her help one sunny spring morning. Sal is a woman who feels that the King has been beguiled by a foreign cook, Shar-i, who creates tasting menus with inspiring titles such as, “The Lettuce that saw a slug” and the like, and Sal is not impressed. Sal is more a meat and two veg kind of cook, and so she seeks help from Old Mother to set the King back on the straight and narrow. Yet things do not always head in the direction that you intend them to…

So it is too with the minstrel Absolom, who feels that the old songs on which he had made his name are no longer in fashion and are replaced by piecemeal lesser tunes that are no more than shouting in time with a drum, containing hardly any tune at all. A new lute would set things right he feels, and who else to ask but Old Mother, for she will charge no pennies for a new instrument. Yet as the minstrel will shortly find, the wood may exact a much higher price than mere pennies… a much higher price indeed…

There are four stories that make up the collection, “Tales From Under the Lightning Tree”. They  are:

Spring: The Artisan Cook’s Tale

Summer: The Minstrel’s Tale

Autumn: The Miller’s Tale

Winter: The Gravedigger’s Tale

They are available to purchase separately or as a complete collection of all four stories. They can be read stand-alone and in any order that takes your fancy. The final two stories will be published shortly. As usual, enjoy!





Website & Email Issues

Many apologies if you have been trying to access my website or have tried to contact me via email this month. Unbeknownst to my good self there was an issue with my domain name that meant you were not able to either view my site or email me. The problem, sadly, was sat firmly between the chair and the mouse. Many apologies. Normal service has now resumed. Enjoy!