Genesis Space Book One: Ascent to Heaven: The Church of Man.

What a title, eh?  Here’s the blurb:circle

Mankind is alone in the universe and is the true ruler of all that it can see.  Humanity has reached the pinnacle of evolution and to believe anything else is to believe in a myth; To succumb to the sin of blasphemy; to commit a crime. Man is man, and is no more than that. Mankind stands alone in the universe.Man is supreme, and The Church of Man enacts his will.  The Church of Man’s word is final – any who disagree shall be known as an Artificer and an enemy of the church. An enemy of the church of man is destined for destruction and death.  The purveyors of the lies of psychics and non-humans are enemies of the church and will be eradicated.

“Man is man.”

Thousands of years after the establishment of the new home of mankind at the planet designated as Homeworld Earth, the Church of Man rules supreme throughout the entire known reach of humanity and across the vast reach of thousands of galaxies of known space. The premise of the church is simple. There are no aliens. There are no true gods. Man is alone, and his destiny lies in his hands and his hands alone. Mankind has taken to its heart a religion that states as one of its basic tenets that there is no god, that their churches are raised as monoliths of disbelief. To challenge this is to risk death, for the church is supreme, and brooks no debate about its basic beliefs.

Those who do speak against the church of man are denounced as Artificer’s: enemies of the state and their only path is one of death and dishonour. Any evidence that the tents of the church of man are incorrect is disparaged, the evidence destroyed, the perpetrators decried as terrorists, and once captured, eradicated. Every year the Church’s main cathedral on Homeworld Earth recruits a new class of priests, who once ordained after arduous years of training, will spread throughout known space, ensuring the doctrines of unbelief are spread among all humanity and adhered to at all costs.

Things are about to change.

Into a galaxy that man has spread across like the colonists of old, a large cast of characters will come together to undergo a journey into the heart of space to challenge every faith and concept upon which the religion of disbelief is founded.

Genesis space: death in heaven: The church of man is the new science fiction space opera from the best selling author, Michael White.

Space will never be quite the same again…

Genesis Space Book One: Ascent to Heaven: The Church of Man is available from Amazon from today. Enjoy!




And while I am at it…

This is perfect for reading out loud too! (Especially at Halloween!)

Not all nannies are practically perfect in every way… in fact, some are completely horrific!

A Spoon Filled With Sugar

a spoon filled with sugar FINAL

“If you want to find number eighteen Cherry Hill Lane all you have to do is to ask a policeman when you spot one. He will push his helmet to one side, scratch his head as if considering your request carefully and then he will point his white-gloved hand and say, “First to your left, take the second right, sharp right again and you are there. Good morning.” If you press him further however then no doubt he would be more inclined to inform you of the recent terrible deeds that have taken place there. He may even remember to whisper details of the terrible black soot marks on the pavements outside of the house, and the fact that even the heaviest of rain showers (and London has lots of those; thunderstorms too) completely fails to wash the soot marks away…” When Geoffrey Berkeley advertises for a new nanny for his two errant children little does he realise what strange events are going to be set into motion, for the new nanny, with her strange sharp teeth and collection of unusual friends soon begins to make Mister Berkeley consider that not everything that tastes of sugar is always sweet… “A Spoon Filled with Sugar” is a dark take on several popular children’s tales, but it is most definitely NOT suitable for children. So come along… pit pat… it’s time for a walk in the park, and while we are there we shall keep an eye open for my friend the sweep… a very unusual man, if a man is what he actually is, and when we return we shall all have our medicine… a spoon filled with sugar that surely will cure all ills? “A Spoon Filled with Sugar” is but one of many stories from the novel, “The Waiting Room” which is available to purchase separately.”

Trick or Treat?

A new paperback and ebook compilation out today! It’s a collection of five of my favourite ghost/horror stories that I think are ideal for reading out loud at Halloween. I always try and do a reading of something I have written at Christmas, so I thought Halloween should be no different!

The five stories I have selected are:

  • A Challenging Game of Crumble
  • The Minstrel’s Tale
  • The Vanished Man
  • Farewell, my love
  • The Ghost Next Door

So something for everyone there – from the classic “locked room” mystery to the (dare I say it myself) slightly gory conclusion of the Minstrel’s Tale, as well a more “Pratchettesque” approach to Halloween with “A Challenging Game of “Crumble”” then there is something for everyone!

Pricing is reasonable too – paperback for £4.99 and ebook at £1.99   – enjoy!



Liverpool Revisited!

Five years ago, I wrote a collection of short stories based in and around Liverpool. To commemorate the launch of the book I decided to revisit it and just tidy a few bits and bobs up and so on. To say that this was an optimistic undertaking would be an understatement. What is left is a completely different book with lots of new material, twists and changes to some of the stories that meant that once I stood back and looked at it, then “Liverpool Revisited” is a completely different book to “Liverpool”. Without any further to-do, here then is the original description of the book, which stands just as much as it did for the new book as it most definitely did for the old one.

“The Sound of Guitars…”
Liverpool. A city of poets, musicians, comedians and several banana shaped lamb statues. Oh, and a yellow submarine – and a cathedral (or two), and now a collection of fifteen short stories, tall tales and mysterious occurrences celebrating the city as well.
Wrapped around Liverpool in the same way that the river Mersey wraps around the city itself, intertwining with its people and places, “Liverpool” showcases the love of life, laughter and music that the city embodies, and makes its own. Come with me now to see the mist rolling off that wonderful, beautiful river, and if you were to let your mind wander and imagine that the river is a song then that song would be a shanty, sad and melancholic, yet lifting as well. It would make you laugh, it would make you cry. It may even make you think, but for sure it would most definitely break your heart.
Welcome to Liverpool, the gateway to absolutely everywhere else.


Merry Christmas!

Just a quick update to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! On my website,  I have added a link on the front page for a free PDF that will give you some indication of where my steampunk series is heading – it’s about ten pages or so and is a complete standalone story, so help yourselves! (As per usual I am not going to ask for your email address/income/blood group in exchange – click on the link and it opens in a new window. Save it for later or read it there.)  Enjoy!