Trick or Treat?

A new paperback and ebook compilation out today! It’s a collection of five of my favourite ghost/horror stories that I think are ideal for reading out loud at Halloween. I always try and do a reading of something I have written at Christmas, so I thought Halloween should be no different!

The five stories I have selected are:

  • A Challenging Game of Crumble
  • The Minstrel’s Tale
  • The Vanished Man
  • Farewell, my love
  • The Ghost Next Door

So something for everyone there – from the classic “locked room” mystery to the (dare I say it myself) slightly gory conclusion of the Minstrel’s Tale, as well a more “Pratchettesque” approach to Halloween with “A Challenging Game of “Crumble”” then there is something for everyone!

Pricing is reasonable too – paperback for £4.99 and ebook at £1.99   – enjoy!




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