And while I am at it…

This is perfect for reading out loud too! (Especially at Halloween!)

Not all nannies are practically perfect in every way… in fact, some are completely horrific!

A Spoon Filled With Sugar

a spoon filled with sugar FINAL

“If you want to find number eighteen Cherry Hill Lane all you have to do is to ask a policeman when you spot one. He will push his helmet to one side, scratch his head as if considering your request carefully and then he will point his white-gloved hand and say, “First to your left, take the second right, sharp right again and you are there. Good morning.” If you press him further however then no doubt he would be more inclined to inform you of the recent terrible deeds that have taken place there. He may even remember to whisper details of the terrible black soot marks on the pavements outside of the house, and the fact that even the heaviest of rain showers (and London has lots of those; thunderstorms too) completely fails to wash the soot marks away…” When Geoffrey Berkeley advertises for a new nanny for his two errant children little does he realise what strange events are going to be set into motion, for the new nanny, with her strange sharp teeth and collection of unusual friends soon begins to make Mister Berkeley consider that not everything that tastes of sugar is always sweet… “A Spoon Filled with Sugar” is a dark take on several popular children’s tales, but it is most definitely NOT suitable for children. So come along… pit pat… it’s time for a walk in the park, and while we are there we shall keep an eye open for my friend the sweep… a very unusual man, if a man is what he actually is, and when we return we shall all have our medicine… a spoon filled with sugar that surely will cure all ills? “A Spoon Filled with Sugar” is but one of many stories from the novel, “The Waiting Room” which is available to purchase separately.”


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