Genesis Space Book One: Ascent to Heaven: The Church of Man.

What a title, eh?  Here’s the blurb:circle

Mankind is alone in the universe and is the true ruler of all that it can see.  Humanity has reached the pinnacle of evolution and to believe anything else is to believe in a myth; To succumb to the sin of blasphemy; to commit a crime. Man is man, and is no more than that. Mankind stands alone in the universe.Man is supreme, and The Church of Man enacts his will.  The Church of Man’s word is final – any who disagree shall be known as an Artificer and an enemy of the church. An enemy of the church of man is destined for destruction and death.  The purveyors of the lies of psychics and non-humans are enemies of the church and will be eradicated.

“Man is man.”

Thousands of years after the establishment of the new home of mankind at the planet designated as Homeworld Earth, the Church of Man rules supreme throughout the entire known reach of humanity and across the vast reach of thousands of galaxies of known space. The premise of the church is simple. There are no aliens. There are no true gods. Man is alone, and his destiny lies in his hands and his hands alone. Mankind has taken to its heart a religion that states as one of its basic tenets that there is no god, that their churches are raised as monoliths of disbelief. To challenge this is to risk death, for the church is supreme, and brooks no debate about its basic beliefs.

Those who do speak against the church of man are denounced as Artificer’s: enemies of the state and their only path is one of death and dishonour. Any evidence that the tents of the church of man are incorrect is disparaged, the evidence destroyed, the perpetrators decried as terrorists, and once captured, eradicated. Every year the Church’s main cathedral on Homeworld Earth recruits a new class of priests, who once ordained after arduous years of training, will spread throughout known space, ensuring the doctrines of unbelief are spread among all humanity and adhered to at all costs.

Things are about to change.

Into a galaxy that man has spread across like the colonists of old, a large cast of characters will come together to undergo a journey into the heart of space to challenge every faith and concept upon which the religion of disbelief is founded.

Genesis space: death in heaven: The church of man is the new science fiction space opera from the best selling author, Michael White.

Space will never be quite the same again…

Genesis Space Book One: Ascent to Heaven: The Church of Man is available from Amazon from today. Enjoy!




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