Liverpool Revisited!

Five years ago, I wrote a collection of short stories based in and around Liverpool. To commemorate the launch of the book I decided to revisit it and just tidy a few bits and bobs up and so on. To say that this was an optimistic undertaking would be an understatement. What is left is a completely different book with lots of new material, twists and changes to some of the stories that meant that once I stood back and looked at it, then “Liverpool Revisited” is a completely different book to “Liverpool”. Without any further to-do, here then is the original description of the book, which stands just as much as it did for the new book as it most definitely did for the old one.

“The Sound of Guitars…”
Liverpool. A city of poets, musicians, comedians and several banana shaped lamb statues. Oh, and a yellow submarine – and a cathedral (or two), and now a collection of fifteen short stories, tall tales and mysterious occurrences celebrating the city as well.
Wrapped around Liverpool in the same way that the river Mersey wraps around the city itself, intertwining with its people and places, “Liverpool” showcases the love of life, laughter and music that the city embodies, and makes its own. Come with me now to see the mist rolling off that wonderful, beautiful river, and if you were to let your mind wander and imagine that the river is a song then that song would be a shanty, sad and melancholic, yet lifting as well. It would make you laugh, it would make you cry. It may even make you think, but for sure it would most definitely break your heart.
Welcome to Liverpool, the gateway to absolutely everywhere else.



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