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Background 2 WITH BOOKS. AND NORMAL BCKIn my new short story collection, “Scrapbook” I have disposed with the section of author’s notes that I usually put on there. I did this for a reason as instead I will put them on here, the idea being to introduce one of the stories every day. I won’t do it in the order that they appear in the collection as that would be not as much fun! I will however introduce each one along with links to where you can find them on Amazon. They are always available to buy separately, but also are obviously in the collection of stories too. So, without further to do, today’s short story is:

Pip Norris And The Amazing Flying Saucer

A lot of my stuff I am never sure if what the finished item is is so easily defined. Is this a kid’s story? A science fiction or perhaps just a general humour tale? I never really think too much of this when I am writing a story – in fact I don’t think of it at all! This one is a bit of a mix – but I will let you decide!

“Which is when he heard the jet flying overhead. Pip thought that there was something peaceful about the sound of a plane flying through the sky and so he put down his comic book and squinted skywards, looking for it. He could not see it however, and so picked up his comic book once again, eager to return to Meteor Man who seemed to be plotting his escape with a carefully concealed spoon.
He thought that the plane sounded a little unusual. The engine was a little squeakier than he remembered a plane to be. The sound it was making was almost like a higher note that only the boys could reach when they did choir practice. He put his comic down again and squinted at the sky even harder. As he did so he saw far up in the sky a small dot. It looked far away but was growing in size as it flew nearer. Pip watched it as it drew closer. He could not quite make out the size of it really. For a start it was not terribly high but the shape was still quite small. The sound of its engine was weird too. Pip stood up and carefully climbed onto the tree trunk for no reason whatsoever other than that he could do so. As he looked over the fields he saw that the shape flying closer was round, and spinning slightly. He jumped down from the tree and took a few steps forward, picking up his comic and tucking it into his back pocket as he did so.
The plane was now a lot nearer and slowing all the time, and just above treetop level. As he watched, it flew down into the field and began to slowly descend vertically into the grass near to where he was standing. It was not a plane though, thought Pip. Oh no! It was the wrong shape altogether. It was round, and he thought perhaps twelve feet from one side to another, and as it hovered over the ground three legs came out of the underneath of the circular plane and it landed awkwardly, bumping from one support to the next. Then there was a deeper whining sound as the engines shut down and from within the ship a small ramp fell down, a walkway from within the craft sloping down to the ground.
It really was the most amazing flying saucer that Pip had ever seen!”




Scrapbook UK

Scrapbook US


pip norris final with comic code sticker FINAL new colours


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