The Next Big Thing…

Just a quick recap really. I will have finished the next installment of “The Adventures of Victoria Neaves and Romney” today, which is the third installment of five of my steam-punk series, the first being “Victoriana” and the second being “The Strange Case of The Denwick Bvanished man cover FINAL with cat 2eauchamp Fairies”.  The one just finished is called, “The Vanished Man” and should be available by the end of this week on Amazon. This is really a strange ride for me as I never really envisaged this being a series in the first place! I was completing my latest selection of short stories called, “Scrapbook” which was really an exercise in trying to write in genres that I do not normally use. I have been writing fantasy for a long time now, approximately 250,000 words across three books so it was time for a break I thought. So the collection contained shorts on sci-fi, horror and steampunk. It was only when my sister suggested that Victoria had legs for a series (so to speak) that I realised that she was right, and as per usual once I opened my mind to suggestions they flowed in thick and fast. The plan was five short stories of about 15,000 words each which I would print separately and then as a collection when I was done. Some of the themes are carried from story to story along with a little bit of continuity that broadens the stories.

What I didn’t expect was to get ideas for a set of two full length books for the characters!

Yet I have, and to be perfectly frank it is a pretty good idea. Two books about the same story, featuring Victoria and Romney in a steampunk adventure that excites me just thinking about it.  No clues what they about yet… ah, okay … just one little clue then, but you need to watch this space – all will be revealed very very shortly! Here we go…




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