The Bookworm (Daily Introductions #2)

“The Bookworm” is one of the many short stories featured in my latest collection, “Scrapbook”. As per usual it is available separately or in the collection itself.  ThBackground 2 WITH BOOKS. AND NORMAL BCKis one started with an article I read online – I think possibly on “The Poke”, where someone had bought a copy of “The Hobbit” and inside it was a hand written note congratulating the purchaser on buying the book. Great idea! I remember borrowing “The Fellowship of The Ring” from Moreton library and inside it someone had sellotaped a drawing they had drawn of Gollum. It was a pretty good picture too, and it sort of went with the spirit of the book. I remember thinking at the time how cool it would be to inspire people so much by writing something they enjoyed to the extent that they felt that they had to contribute something to the work that the author had created. So when I saw this article it reminded me of that, and the train of thought went something like this… “Wouldn’t it be great if a bookshop suddenly started to find handwritten notes in lots of their books and nobody knows who is putting them there?” After that the story more or less wrote itself. Links below – another explanation tomorrow. Enjoy!

Bookworm (UK)

Bookworm (US)

Scrapbook (UK)

Scrapbook (US)



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