New Website!

Dear God, I pity all of you web designers out there – I have just spent the five most torturous days of my life re-doing my website and it has driven me to hard drugs, drink, and petty cattle rustling* as a consequence. The address is the same – CLICK ME TO BE WITNESS TO MY GLORIOUS WONDER  so check it out – it’s pretty cool, and has a few new things in there that I am pretty excited about.

First of all, every book or series has its own page, and a few of the larger books have free three chapter PDF’s to download. (“Anyone” and “Overboard” are the two in question.) I don’t ask for your email address either. Or your blood group, favourite seventies band ** or preference of alcoholic beverage. It’s a good old fashioned, no obligation freebie.

I have also included for a lot of my books a “Behind the Scenes” section where I talk a little more about the book, inspiration for it and so on.I think it’s pretty neat so please check it out – any feedback is more than welcome! Follow the link above and enjoy!

*I may quite possibly have just made that up

** I am old. I admit it. I remember the doodlebugs like it was yesterday. ***

*** Google it.



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