So I did this map, see? It’s nothing special, nice little runner, though. One lady driver. Used for the drive to church every Sunday only. Honest. Runs like a dream, it does. A dream!

Actually, that’s a car, isn’t it? I will start again.

I have this map. It’s nothing special, but apart from a few minor embellishments like the textured paper and the border, it’s all my own work! I started talking about this in my blog a little while ago and here it is at last. It’s for my fantasy book series, the first parts of which I will be releasing very soon. I showed someone the series titles recently and they thought it was complicated, so I will take this chance to explain how it will all fit together.

The series is called, “The Book of Shadow and Light”.

There are 3 books:

“Into the Light”

“Back to the Light” and

“The Light Within”.

Each installment is broken down into 2 books each:

Into the Light: “Lost in Translation” & “The Road of the Sun”

Back to the Light: “The Shadow Lords of Old” & “The King Under the Hill”

The Light Within: “The Halls of Silence” & “The Final Song”.

You can buy each separately or in parts. Initially, I will be releasing the first book with the two parts in and separately too. The first part of the second book is already finished and the last part is nearly finished too, so there shouldn’t be too much of a wait for them. The last book will be early next year.

Anyway, enough of this! Here’s the map! Enjoy!




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