Can’t Speak Italian, Can’t Draw… Sings a Bit…

I need a map. What fantasy book would be complete without one, after all? I have a personal map I use when writing (“He looked south and saw……” (Consults map) “…mountains.”). This is tremendously useful. But it’s not fit to put into the book. The problem is this. I can’t draw. Not for toffee.

I have great admiration for people who can do things that I can’t. I don’t mean sailing around the world, climbing Everest and so on, though those things are admirable. It’s just that they aren’t every day. So I admire people who can speak a language that is not their native tongue. I have tried, believe you me – I just can’t do it! I can’t draw either, so the map is a problem.

Get someone else to do it,  I hear you say, and I may have to yet. But I had a thought. As a bit of a laugh I thought I would chart my progress here. Which of course means that I have to show you my original maps as a starting point. Oh dear!

There may of course come a point in the not too distant future that I will say NO. Who wants to draw a map for me? But for now, I will detail my progress here. So, without further pause here are my **** maps.  Erm… enjoy? (And watch this space!)


Computer Drawn Map

final map

Personal Map


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