Now Available!

Available as of today on Amazon!

Available as a complete collection for the first time, “The Adventures of Victoria Neaves & Romney” is a collection of six steampunk novellas. The collection has in addition a short story, “The Cinder Path” which is not available separately. The titles of the stories in the collection are as follows:


The strange Case of the Denwick Beauchamp Fairies

The Vanished Man

The Cinder Path

The Clockwork Thief of Crickenden Broadwick

Romney’s Day Off

The Abbot Bowthorpe Dependables

This is the first chance you have to get your hands on “The Abbot Bowthorpe Dependables” as it is not released until August 2nd, and it is only within this collection that you can find “The cinder path”. It is also available on paperback

UK (Kindle)

UK (Paperback)

US (Kindle)

US (Paperback)

The Abbott Bowthorpe Dependables is available for pre-order (release date 2nd August) here:



As always, enjoy!



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