Deadlines? Nah!

If you follow my blog regularly you will have noticed by now my somewhat lackadaisical approach to deadlines. I love the sound of them as they woosh past, as Douglas Adams said, so here are a few new timings! “The waiting room” and “A spoon Filled with Sugar” and the other titles are available on Amazon now. (I will do a follow up post introducing each story later in the week. Both of these are also available in paperback. The complete set of Victoria stories will be available in paperback today, and on Kindle Wednesday 20th. If you are following the stories as a serial, then the final episode, “The Abbott Bowthorpe Dependables” is still set for release on Tuesday 2nd August. Don’t forget that the complete collection has additional material, and is also available in paperback.  Overboard timings remain the same, and will tie in with International Talk Like A Pirate Day. (September 19th.) All titles can be found on my Amazon author page on the main website. As usual, enjoy!




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