What’s Next?

Well I did promise to let you all know what I have on the table next – which puts me in a bizarre situation, as I have now 4 books all ready to publish! Everything I show you here is already done, edited, proofed an ready to go! But I don’t want to swamp everyone, and so let’s do this chronologically, if that’s at all possible! (Please 9note that all release dates are approximate, and all cover art is subject to change before publication, though if either of these things do  change then it will be indicated here at a later date.

First of all we conclude The Adventures of Victoria Neaves and Romney with the last title, “Thdependables cover finale Abbot Bowthorpe Dependables”. The longest story in the series, Victoria and Romney find themselves  under scrutiny from almost every corner, and the odds quite firmly stacked against them. The publication for this final episode is currently Tuesday, August 2nd. Prior to this however I shall release the entire collection (Including the last episode and a bonus story called, “The Cinder Path”) on Tuesday 19th July. The entire collection will be available on Kindle and also for the first time in paperback. I will not comment at all on how the series ends, suffice to say that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Victoria back again necinder path  FINALxt year! The full series in one volume I have changed the cover for incidentally  as I wasn’t entirely happy with the last one published here previously. As before it is subject to change should I be prone to another attack of  extreme fussiness! The Kickstarter campaign that I referred to rather mysteriously in an earlier post is all to do with the continuation of the series, some of the events in “The Abbot Bowthorpe Dependables” signposting this. As I have so many titles ready to release I think that will realistically be next year.

In September it is an end of an era…. well, for me, anyway! Finally, to tie in with “International Talk Like a Pirate day”  CLICKY  I shall be releasing “Overboard”, alternative cover 3.jpga humorous pirate adventure novel. International talk like a pirate day is September 19th, which makes it a Monday this year, but the book will be released on Tuesday 6th September to be ready for the event. It will be available in both electronic and paperback versions. There will be a few competitions and surprises around the book release nearer the time.  (If you have never heard of the event, take a look at the link above – it has been going for quite a few years now, and the money it raises for charity increases yer on year.) All you need to do is talk like a pirate!

waiting room finalOn Tuesday 4th October I shall release “The Waiting Room”, a linked set of ghost, horror and suspense stories set in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Several of the stories from the collection will also be published separately, and one in particular (the longest story in the collection) will be available to pre-order as of Monday 26th September, as it seems to always to generate the most interest whenever I mention it. It is called, “A Spoon Fillea spoon filled with sugar FINALd With Sugar” and is a very dark take on the story of a certain magical nanny. The final release date for that is the same as the full collection, Tuesday 4th October. The other titles being released separately over the course of October are, “13 Across: Extraneous Pin Did Fatally Turn”, “Three Butterflies”, “Scarecrow, Scarecrow”, “King Of The Cogs”, “Uisce Beatha”, “Farewell My Love”, and “The Reluctant Paw”. The covers are in the gallery below if you want to have a look at them. The full collection will be available in both Kindle and paperback formats, the single stories  electronically only.

Finally, on Tuesday November 1st I shall be releasing the first book in my fantasy trilogy, “Into The Light”. I shall be selling each part in separate books or together… To explain! The first book in BOOK 2 NEW TAKE 2 the trilogy is called, “Into The Light” and is in two parts. Partlost in translation book 1 take 3 one is called, “Lost In Translation”, and the second part, “The Road of the Sun”. Each part will be available to purchase separately or together. They will be available in both paperback and Kindle formats. The second book (Currently 90% finished) is called, “Back To The Light”, and will be available in two parts, being “The
Shadow Lords Of Old”, and the second part, “The King Under The Hill”. The final part, “The Light Within” will be available next year and will be in two parts: “The Halls Of Silence”, and “The Wyrm Of The World”. All of these fantasy titles are NOT really in the current hard fantasy style, being I hope much more whimsical whilst at the same time being inventive, whilst at the same time staying traditional. Time will tell!

Well that took a whole lot longer than I thought it would – I even forgot to mention that I have redesigned the cover for “Romney’s Day Off” which you can find in the gallery below. As usual I end with a teaser for something else that I am currently working on, the date for release of which I have no idea – it’s a bit of a series, just like the “Victoria Neaves & Romney” titles, only a little shorter. Main characters? Montague, Hetty & Boo. Now what on Earth could that rhyme with?  As usual – thanks for sticking with me… and enjoy!

cover 8.jpg



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