Romney’s Day Off Now Available!

Later on today I will post my plans for the rest of the year, but for now the penultimate title in “The Adventures of Victoria Neaves and Romney” is now available on Amazon! Description and links follow:

“Part 5 of the “Adventures of Victoria Neaves and Romney” sees Victoria returning from her encounter with the clockwork thief and in need of twelve hours of recuperation and repairs. She therefore takes pity on Romney and gives him a day off. But Romney is in a bit of a quandary as he has never had a day off before. So what exactly does a demon of the third circle of Hell do when time off is forced upon him?

Featuring a road trip involving several farmyard animals, a hive full of bees and a somewhat startled skeleton among other creatures, “Romney’s Day Off” also involves the hapless demon being brought to the attention of the chief exorcist and demon hunter (Rtd.) of Ponty Bodkin and its neighboring village, as well as the local coven of witches.  Romney will have his work cut out for him to simply stay out of trouble. All Victoria requested was that  he enjoyed a nice relaxing day off but can he pull it off? Only time (and a fast set of wheels) will tell. In the meantime, Viktor the butler advertises to fill the position of man servant, and as the candidates begin to arrive he cannot help but feel that the job of hiring is more than just a little bit beyond him… ”

As with the previous four titles, it is not necessary to have read the previous stories before reading this one, but it would make the author extremely happy if you had.”


Amazon UK

Amazon (US)




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