“Storm Blowing In” (Daily Introductions #9)

storm blowing in cover FINALI don’t normally do horror – hell, I am not really sure that I actually like horror – but certainly I have an innate curiosity about it. I have not really written much of it either but I was reading an online article somewhere or another talking about the Viking population of Scotland, which was something I had never really considered before. There are a number of books available on the topic on Amazon – have a look if you are interested, it really is worth a close look! Anyway, once I had seen that then really the ideas started flowing quite quickly. It is what you would expect I suppose… a remote Scottish farmhouse … a terrible snowstorm, and one man stuck in the farmhouse now isolated from the world outside by the weather…. oh, and zombie viking warriors – fuck, what’s not  to like? As usual you can get it from Amazon separately or as part of the collection, “Scrapbook” – links below. Enjoy!

Storm Blowing In (UK)

Storm Blowing In (US)

Scrapbook (UK)

Scrapbook (US)

storm blowing in cover FINAL


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