“Where The Bloody Hell Are You?” (Daily Introductions #8)

There’s not really a gre2tt.jpgat deal that I can tell you about this story without giving the game away as to what it’s all about, though the cover  does tend to point you in the right direction! The inspiration for this came  – as sometimes it does – from a single sentence that popped into my mind, but again to tell you what that sentence actually was would reveal all! Still, I think it’s a good one and the title was partially inspired by an Australian tourist board advert from a few years that a few Daily Mail readers took exception to, and got it forced off TV. Personally I thought it was a great advert – “The prawns are on the barbie, the wine is in the chiller – so where  the bloody hell are you?” is pretty much how it went. Not offensive at all! So an enigmatic one for today, though if I were to give you a slight hint then I would say it sort of veers towards science fiction territory….. well… sort of! Enjoy!

Where the Bloody Hell Are You? (UK)

Where the Bloody Hell Are You? (US)

Scrapbook (UK)

Scrapbook (US)



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