“The Vanished Man”

The latest “Victoria Neaves and Romney” steampunk adventure is now available on vanished man cover FINAL with cat 2Amazon. This is the third story featuring these characters, the first being “Victoriana” (UK) (US) and the second being “The Strange Case of the Denwick Beauchamp Fairies” (UK) (US). There will be five in the series in total, the next being “The Clockwork Thief of Crickenden Broadwick”, then “Romney’s Day Off” and finally, “The Abbot Bowthorpe Dependables”. The next in the series will be available late May 2016, and the others at a months interval between each. The stories are steampunk but also have a dash of humour running through them so there is a little of everything for everyone in them. The characters include Mister Tiddles (the robotic cat who cuts just a little too fast and loose with his twin head mounted rodent slaying laser cannons), the somewhat ghostly maid Fanelda (Theoretically Welsh, but definitely dead), and the new butler, Count Viktor Von Saugenblut. (Quite possibly a vam… – well, possibly, (if you see what I mean) and it is best for all concerned not to upset his feelings. Description of the story as follows. “An old manor. A family gathered before dinner. An argument and a chase, and Lord Harrington locks himself in the King’s Tower of his home, a secluded and escape free room with no windows and only one exit. Yet when the family obtain a duplicate key and open the door, the room is empty. What has happened to Lord Harrington, and where has he gone?  A steampunk version of the classic “locked room” mystery, “The Vanished Man” is a perfect example of an “Agatha Christie” style whodunit but in a steampunk environment and with a dash of humour. It is not necessary to have read the previous two stories prior to reading this one, but it would make the author extremely happy if you had.” Links are below – enjoy!

The Vanished Man (UK)

The Vanished Man (US)

vanished man cover FINAL with cat 2


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