“Mister Mortimer’s Magical Toy Shop” (Daily Introductions #7)

version 3Once upon a time there was a toy shop. An emporium of children’s toys and bicycles, train sets, doll’s houses and prams. It had it all. It is not there now. It lives on only in my memory, and memory is such an odd thing, isn’t it? If I ask people about Mortimer’ s toy shop then it is always a different shape; different rooms, the windows were big. The windows were small. The bikes were hung from the ceiling. The bikes were hung on the walls, and so on. It is never the same from person to person. Does it matter? Not at all. The fact is that it is remembered, and not where it was the bikes were hung or the doll’s houses were. All that matters is that there were bikes, there were doll’s houses. Where they were was irrelevant. This story asks one simple question then, and it is this: “Wouldn’t it be great if you could go back in time and check it out?” Enjoy!

Mister Mortimer’s Magical Toy Shop (UK)

Mister Mortimer’s Magical Toy Shop (US)

Scrapbook (UK)

Scrapbook (US)

version 3


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