“Three Small Wishes” (Daily Introductions #6)

“Three Small Wishes” is really a story of four parts. It includes the tales first of all of threlamp 2e men who, it must be said, could be doing better in life all things considered! The forth part is the unifying factor that decides to help them out. It is a broad story that encompasses real ale, the Grateful Head (that’s not a spelling mistake!), call centres and the correct and proper ranking of the jinni. (Again, not a spelling mistake!) It is almost entirely not serious in any shape or form whatsoever. This is an unusual writing exercise for me as it was a case of finding a joining up narrative for three separate strands that already existed. I rarely do this, but I used those strands in one of my full length novel, “Anyone”, and I wanted to give them another run out as I thought that they were worth re-using. It is therefore quite a long story, one of the largest in the “Scrapbook” collection. As usual the links are below. Enjoy!

Three Small Wishes (UK)

Three Small Wishes (US)

Scrapbook (UK)

Scrapbook (US)

lamp 2


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