“Frozen In Amber” Daily Introductions #5

frozen in amber final cover.jpgContinuing to refine “daily”, here is a brief blurb on another story from the “Scrapbook” collection, which you can buy either separately or in the collection via the Amazon links below. So. “Frozen In Amber” is one of those stories that arrived fully formed in my sleep. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it makes everything so much easier because I know everything about the story. In this case I even had the cover sorted out too! It is a simple premise, but equally (I think anyway) quite an intriguing one too. Put simply, what happens to our social media presence when we die? Is it ever-lasting. Could that person you added on Facebook some time ago actually now be dead and their account just keeps ticking over as inclusions of posts to other people add to their wall? Those blurred out people on Google street view – are they still with us? What if they weren’t? If you saw a dead relative  / friend / lover there how would you get them removed? Does it happen? Is there a policy to remove images like that? I am sure there will be, but “Frozen in Amber” concentrates less on procedure and more on impact. What if you found a loved one online who has passed? What then?

Frozen in Amber (UK)

Frozen in Amber (US)

Scrapbook (UK)

Scrapbook (US)

frozen in amber final cover


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