Missing Presumed Fed…

Okay okay  – Maybe I need to keep up with this blog thing…. Because I seem to have missed out quite a lot of the things I have been working on. So. Er. A little update. First of all, “Overboard” is finished. No. It really is. Honestly. So is “Anyone”. Actually, “Anyone” is FINAL COVERactually finished again. There are two new short stories – both covers are on here – and also I have completed the first draft of a new fantasy trilogy books one and two, which are looking promising. They are parts one and two of “Into The Light”. Book one is called, “Lost In Translation” and book two, “The Road of the Sun.” I am currently hard at work on the first part of book two, “Back To The Light” which is called, “The Shadow Lords of Old”. The two new stories are both quite different and available from Amazon on my beeskneescoverauthor page links. “A Bad Case of Sigbins” is a humorous horror story based upon the adventures of the countries first consulting horticulturist, and “Bee’s Knees” is based on an old ZX Spectrum text adventure game that I started but never quite managed to finish many years ago, wrapped up in a short story about a man who quite simply has rather too much time on his hands! I have a couple of new covers to show for the new books soon too but I shall keep them for next time, hopefully it will make me blog a new entry sooner rather than later! That’s all for now – next time new covers and a few links to othe blogs and news of what comes next.

PS: Did I mention “Overboard” is finished????


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