Lots of Stuff!

Apologies for for not updating this blog for some time – I really must get my act together! Well lack of posting doesn’t necessarily mean lack of progress, as I can now say that I have two books having passed their second edit, and subject to the next few revisions, are as good as done!
One is a called, “Anyone” and is a strange mix of humour involving a few science fiction elements as well. The other, “The Waiting Room” is a set of horror and ghost stories with a central linking narrative, though again there is a slight element of humour in there too. Both should be available shortly!
As well as this I have changed a lot of the prices on the Kindle store, and have upgraded a lot of the covers too. Hopefully they look much more professional now – see the gallery below – comments more than welcome (as per usual of course).

As well as new covers I have bundled all of “Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories”, “Liverpool” and “Here Be Dragons” for £3.99, which is quite a saving. As well as that I have bundled six of my favourite stories from those first two collections, and published it as “Six of the Best”, This one is for £1,99

The free promotion for a sampler of “Liverpool” will be running from tomorrow (14th) for four days inclusive so if you haven’t read it before grab a copy from Amazon over the promotion period.

Work still continues on “Overboard” which has grown in size somewhat – I was figuring on about 100,000 words but I would probably now revise that up to about 120.000 at the moment.

That’s it for now – thanks for reading and be good to each other!


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